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Established in 2008, ITS Smartpoint has grown to become a renowned and successful solution provider with its strong in-house technical expertise, extensive product range, excellent deployment skills and efficient after-sales support. Spearheaded by proficient technocrats, ITS Smartpoint believes in building strong and trustworthy relationships - with its customers as well as its partners. We are you the widest range of solutions for all your safety, security and automation system needs including CCTV, Fire alarm, Sound, Intrusion Alarm, Home Automation, Building Management Solutions, Electronic Display Systems, ID card solutions, Time & Attendance, Access Control, Metal Detection, Bomb Detection and moreā€¦

ITS Smartpoint has partnered with major brands in the industry to provide state-of-the-art solution for each and every safety, security and automation need of the customer. This helps it to better itself as a complete solution provider by evolving according to the diverse requirements and also to keep in pace with the latest. Committed to excellence, ITS Smartpoint offers efficient after-sales service, technical and maintenance support. It also has an in-house repair work-shop.

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